Why Multimodal?

This site was created for anyone interested in learning more about the art of Multimodal Storytelling. The site contains genres of multimodal stories that highlight a particular class or community assignment. Each page offers a complete breakdown of the assignment or project and offers links to syllabi, project descriptions, resources, carefully scaffolded calendar and additional resources. In addition to the pages, posts will serve as resources that viewers of the site may find interesting or helpful.

Multimodal can take on a variety of forms and combines text, visuals, audio, transitions, and effects, to create a complex language of storytelling. Multimodal storytelling is a complete bodily and sensory experience. We absorb the multimodal through our senses. Our senses trigger memories. Memories trigger emotion. Emotion is powerful.
It is the bridge to our audience.

This site was created by Brianna Healey Derr, Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship Specialist for Video at Bucknell University. brianna.derr@bucknell.edu